The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit

  • ISBN: 078971809X
  • Pages: 1,006
  • Publisher: Que - January 1, 1999

As much as I'd like to be able to produce completely error free books, the reality of the computer publishing industry is that the pace at which books must be written and released makes this very difficult. And regretfully, my own books do have sporadic mistakes and typos scattered throughout them.

For the benefit of my readers, here is a current errata for The ColdFusion 4.0 Web Application Construction Kit. Feel free to print this page for future reference.

And as always, if you come across errors that I do not know about, please let me know. I'll make sure they are added to this list, and will try to have them corrected in future reprints.

Page 2

Location: Section entitled "How to Use This Book", third paragraph.
Error: Word "developing" misspelled (and contains an extraneous character).

Page 120

Location: Last paragraph on page.
Error: First 12 words (up to the word "all") should not be there. Paragraph should begin "All text columns".

Page 124

Location: Figure 7.9.
Error: Table shown in figure is incorrect as the primary key has not been set.

Page 157

Location: Figure 8.23.
Error: Callout should be pointing to the middle row, not the bottom row.
Location: Section "WHERE Condition", first words.
Error: Should read "For the examples".

Page 166

Location: Figure 9.5 caption.
Error: Caption is incorrect, should read "Microsoft Query notifies you of your SQL statements' success or failure".

Page 170

Location: Figure 9.9.
Error: Incorrect screen shot shown in figure, text in WHERE clause should be as shown in listing 9.4 above the figure.

Page 188

Location: "Using Tag Insight" step 2.
Error: Should read "In the Editor window, type <BODY followed by a space and then wait a second or two.".

Page 197

Location: Final paragraph, second line.
Error: Should read "As such, it does much more than edit files" (not "then").

Page 210

Location: Paragraph beginning "The code between".
Error: <CFOUPUT> on third line should be <CFOUTPUT>.

Page 226

Location: Paragraph beginning "Next comes".
Error: <CFOUTOUT> on first line should be <CFOUTPUT>.

Page 229

Location: Paragraph after note, last line.
Error: Should read "would be fragmented".

Page 230

Location: Second paragraph, opening words.
Error: Should read "Listing 11.15 is the same template you created in Listing 11.3".

Page 240

Location: Listing 12.5, listing title.
Error: Title should read "Using a default radio button selection".

Page 242

Location: Figure 12.7.
Error: Incorrect figure shown, should be a listbox, not a textarea field.

Page 244

Location: Figure 12.8.
Error: Incorrect figure shown, the correct figure is the one used for figure 12.7 on page 242.

Page 245

Location: Final line of tip near top of page.
Error: Should read "in Appendix B, ColdFusion Function Reference".

Page 247

Location: Listing 12.11.
Error: Listing is "FORMS11.CFM".

Page 280

Location: Paragraph beginning "This SQL statement".
Error: Sentence should read "This SQL statement updates the six specified columns for the employee whose ID is the passed EmployeeID".

Page 284

Location: Listing 13.11, last line in page.
Error: NAME attribute should be "City".

Page 292

Location: Listing 13.13, seven lines from bottom of page.
Error: NAME attribute should be "City".

Page 295

Location: Listing 13.14
Error: Final link in listing (7 code lines from end of listing) should point to file "empau4.cfm".

Page 302

Location: Bulleted list in section entitled "Navigating the SQL Query Builder".
Error: Second item in bulleted list (beginning "right click in the editor window") should be deleted.

Page 303

Location: Paragraph beginning "The Query Builder window".
Error: Word "toolbars" at end of first line should be "toolbar".

Page 309

Location: Paragraph beginning "To apply filtering", first line.
Error: Should read "specify a search crierion in the Criteria".

Page 315

Location: Caution text.
Error: Should read "Make sure you always specify a WHERE clause criterion".

Page 321

Location: Paragraph beginning "Neither of these options is perfect", last word of first line.
Error: Should be "complementing".

Page 325

Location: Table 15.2, description of _eurodate.
Error: Should read "but with day before month".

Page 338

Location: First paragraph, second sentence ("This is why ...").
Error: Entire sentence must be removed as Crystal Reports is no longer bundled with ColdFusion.
Location: Note in the middle of the page.
Error: This note is now incorrect. ColdFusion no longer installs all the components needed to execute RPT files, and Crystal Reports must be installed on the server before ColdFusion's Crystal Reports integration can be used.

Page 350

Location: Table 17,1 first row in Web Server column.
Error: Should read "Microsoft IIS and Personal Web Server".

Page 373

Location: Part IV chapter list, final two entries.
Error: Chapter 31 is "Version Control", chapter 32 is "Event Scheduling".

Page 404

Location: Listing 19.13.
Error: Table is named "order" not "orders".

Page 440

Location: First paragraph, final words.
Error: Should read "the more of a difference the use of stored procedures makes".

Page 489

Location: Listing 21.5.
Error: The line immediately after the second </TR> is extraneous and should be deleted.

Page 490

Location: Listing 21.5, last line.
Error: Last line (the <CFQUERY> tag) should not be there.
Location: Listing 21.6, first line.
Error: First line (the <CFQUERY> tag) should not be there.

Page 507

Location: 3rd line.
Error: Should read "button is displayed if there are any previous records".

Page 508

Location: Bullet beginning CACHEDWITH.
Error: Should read CACHEDWITHIN.

Page 539

Location: 5 lines from bottom of page, word "TED".
Error: Should read "SELECTED".
Location: First paragraph of section entitled "Using CFSELECT", end of fifth line.
Error: Should read "Both use the same query:".

Page 574

Location: Paragraph beginning "To get a book's category", last line, third word.
Error: Should read "CategoryID".

Page 589

Location: Paragraph beginning "Your ColdFusion Web applications", last line.
Error: Should read "many common Web applications".

Page 608

Location: Listing 25.1, "set defaults" section, fifth CFPARAM.
Error: Should read DEFAULT="icverify".

Page 610

Location: Listing 25.1, last line on page.
Error: Should read email="".

Page 617

Location: Listing 25.2, code following the <CFFORM> tag.
Error: The opening <CFINPUT> tag is missing the text "<CFINPUT".

Page 621

Location: Listing 25.4.
Error: Listing is of file QUICKSTORE_PRODUCT, not QUICKSTORE_CATEGORY as stated.

Page 635

Location: Listing 25.8, SQL in INSERT statement.
Error: Remove all single quotes from around the column names in the INSERT statement.

Page 661

Location: Listing 27.4, comment beginning with the text "Grab all of the values".
Error: Word "variables" is misspelled.

Page 663

Location: Paragraph beginning "Notice also in".
Error: Should refer to "Listing 27.5".

Page 665

Location: Listing 27.7, CFLOOP.
Error: Extra set of double quotes around the string to be evaluated, should be a single set of double quotes.

Page 669

Location: Listing 27.10, CFLOOP.
Error: Extra set of double quotes around the string to be evaluated, should be a single set of double quotes.

Page 674

Location: Listing 28.1, last line.
Error: Should read "ATTRIBUTE".

Page 682

Location: Listing 28.5, final six lines.
Location: Listing 28.4.
Error: Sixth line of code snippet has extraneous characters, should be <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF">.
Location: Listing 28.5.
Error: Seventh line of code snippet has extraneous double quotes, should be <BODY BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF">.
Location: Listing 28.5.
Error: The <CFFILE> tag at the bottom of the page contains extraneous characters. The correct code should read <CFFILE DESTINATION="H:\website\uploads" ACTION="UPLOAD" NAMECONFLICT="#FORM.FILEACTION#" FILEFIELD="FileName">.

Page 734

Location: Listing 29.15, 8th line.
Error: Should read: WHERE BookID IN (#QuotedValueList(VeritySearch.KEY)#).

Page 781

Location: Table 32.1, description of INTERVAL attribute.
Error: Should read "Required when creating tasks with ACTION="UPDATE". Interval at which task should be scheduled. Can be set to minutes or as DAILY, WEEKLY and MONTHLY. The default interval is one hour, and the minimum interval is one minute.".

Page 793

Location: <CFASSOCIATE> tag, Table A.4, second row.
Error: Attribute should be "DATACOLLECTION".

Page 797

Location: Second <CFCOOKIE> example.
Error: Should read: <CFCOOKIE NAME="access" VALUE="admin" SECURE>.
Location: First example of <CFCOOKIE> tag.
Error: Example should read: <CFCOOKIE NAME="USER_ID" VALUE="100" EXPIRES="60">.

Page 820

Location: Table A.33.
Error: Fields should be #CFHTTP.FileContent# and #CFHTTP.MimeType#.

Page 822

Location: <CFINCLUDE> example.
Error: <CFINCLUDE> requires complete file paths, the second line of code should read: <CFINCLUDE TEMPLATE="#GetDirectoryFromPath(GetCurrentTemplatePath())#/footer.cfm">.

Page 834

Location: First line of syntax of <CFMAIL> tag.
Error: Should read "<CFMAIL".

Page 859

Location: <CFSWITCH> code example.
Error: Correct tags are <CFDEFAULTCASE> and </CFDEFAULTCASE>, not <CFCASEDEFAULT> and </CFCASEDEFAULT> as shown.

Page 890

Location: DateAdd() function, text before second example listing, words "10 years earlier".
Error: Should read "10 weeks earlier".

Page 896

Location: Code example for MonthAsString() function.
Error: Correct example should read "It is #MonthAsString(Month(Now()))#".

Page 935

Location: DE function, final line of description.
Error: Should read "Evaluate".
Location: Evaluate function, code example.
Error: Should read: #Evaluate("A")#.

Page 940

Location: "QuotedValueList(), ValueList()" example.
Error: Shoud read: "The following example passes the results from one query to a second query: SELECT * FROM Customers WHERE CustomerType IN (#QuotedList(CustType.type)#)".

Page 941

Location: URLEncodedValue function.
Error: The definition and example are incorrect, the correct function name is URLEncodedFormat().

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