ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit Volume 1: Getting Started

  • ISBN: 032151548X
  • Pages: 578
  • Publisher: Adobe Press - September 12, 2007

As much as I'd like to be able to produce completely error free books, the reality of the computer publishing industry is that the pace at which books must be written and released makes this very difficult. And regretfully, my own books do have sporadic mistakes and typos scattered throughout them.

For the benefit of my readers, here is a current errata for ColdFusion 8 Web Application Construction Kit Volume 1: Getting Started. Feel free to print this page for future reference.

And as always, if you come across errors that I do not know about, please let me know. I'll make sure they are added to this list, and will try to have them corrected in future reprints.

Page 11

Location: First note: you don't need know
Error: Should be: you don't need to know

Page 12

Location: Line beginning "ment platform", words: ColdFusion is the tenth
Error: Should be: ColdFusion 8 is the tenth

Page 21

Location: Line following second tip, words: to being
Error: Should be: to begin

Page 24

Location: Second to last paragraph, words: A perspective is a simple a group of
Error: Should be: A perspective is simply a group of

Page 30

Location: Second to last line, words: to interact with a databases
Error: Should be: to interact with databases

Page 60

Location: Figure 5.5, last row of Directors table
Error: Value should be 5

Page 71

Location: Second to last line, words: used by secures applications
Error: Should be: used by secured applications

Page 76

Location: Second paragraph from bottom of page: but it let you
Error: Should be: but it lets you

Page 87

Location: Listing 6.9: SELECT NameFirst, NameLast, Email
Error: Should be: SELECT FirstName, LastName, Email

Page 90

Location: First line: value on the right is greater than or equal to the value on the left
Error: Should be: value on the left is greater than or equal to the value on the right

Page 97

Location: Last paragraph, words: If you are updating multiple rows
Error: Should be: If you are updating multiple columns

Page 150

Location: Listing 9.8 (CONTINUED)
Error: Should be: Listing 9.9 (CONTINUED)

Page 182

Location: Line beginning 'ground color', words: green paper
Error: Should be: green bar paper
Location: Third paragraph after TIP, words: CurrentRow can also be used it to implement
Error: Should be: CurrentRow can also be used to implement

Page 184

Location: First code snippet: bgcolor="
Error: Should read: bgcolor="MediumSeaGreen"

Page 197

Location: Listing 10.14, 5 lines from bottom: Check of
Error: Should be: Check if

Page 206

Location: Listing 10.19, Line 11: Check of
Error: Should be: Check if
Location: Second to last line, words: blank.cfm
Error: Should be: frame_blank.cfm

Page 225

Location: Line beginning "Dreamweaver generates", words: you are feel free
Error: Should be: feel free

Page 229

Location: Listing 11.9, GetDetails function, line: <cfset var movies=
Error: Should be: <cfset var movie=

Page 230

Location: Listing 11.1, final line
Error: Should be: <strong>

Page 232

Location: Listing 11.11, comment words: Check of image
Error: Should be: Check if image
Location: Listing 11.11, IMG tag, SRC attribute in first line
Error: Should be: SRC="#image_src#"

Page 234

Location: Figure 11.11
Error: Function shown selected is "GetDetails", should be "List"

Page 239

Location: Final paragraph, words: prompts for a first and last name
Error: Should be: prompts for a movie name

Page 265

Location: First line after the Chapter 9 cross-reference, words: the code WHERE MovieTitle LIKE '#FORM.MovieTitle#%'
Error: Should be: the code WHERE MovieTitle LIKE '%#FORM.MovieTitle#%'

Page 303

Location: Listing 14.1, 11th line: </tr
Error: Should be: </tr>

Page 322

Location: Line beginning The AmountBudgeted column, words: within the
Error: Should be: without the

Page 355

Location: Line beginning "even thousands of entries", words: you to show
Error: Should be: you'd want to show

Page 358

Location: Listing 15.8, <cffunction>: name="browse"
Error: Should be: name="lookupMovie"

Page 371

Location: First line, words: is used to select invoke a CFC method
Error: Should be: is used to invoke a CFC method

Page 390

Location: Figure 16.10
Error: Incorrect figure printed

Page 401

Location: Final line, words: and drag it to the FilmID column in there
Error: Should be: and drag it to the FilmID column in the other table

Page 404

Location: Step 15, words: Move Expenses
Error: Should be: Movie Expenses

Page 429

Location: Single sentence paragraph beginning" ColdFusion also has added", words: <cftrace>
Error: Should be: <cftimer>

Page 431

Location: Sixth bullet: migrationExceptoin.log
Error: Should be: migrationException.log

Page 434

Location: Bullet 6, third line, words: is far more fun that
Error: Should be: is far more fun than

Page 456

Location: Table 19.1, description of onRequestEnd
Error: Should be: Executed after each request, and can be used for logging purposes.

Page 459

Location: Listing 19.4, comment line: Please Note Included in every page by OnRequestEnd.cfm
Error: Should be: Please Note Included in every page by OnRequestEnd in Application.cfc

Page 462

Location: Note, first line, words: THIS scopes NAME
Error: Word "scopes" should not be in the bold monotype face

Page 463

Location: Third line, word: thousandth
Error: Should be: thousand
Location: First code snippet, second line: 1000)>#
Error: > is extraneous, should be: 1000)#

Page 465

Location: Fifth line after first code snipped: The text attribute
Error: Word "text" should be in monotype

Page 485

Location: Listing 19.15, line 23: listFirst(APPLICATION.movieList, 1)
Error: Should be: listFirst(APPLICATION.movieList)
Location: Listing 19.15, line 25: listRest(APPLICATION.movieList, 1)
Error: Should be: listRest(APPLICATION.movieList)

Page 520

Location: <form> tag before first NOTE is missing closing #
Error: Should be: "#URLSessionFormat("MyPage.cfm")#"

Page 529

Location: Final paragraph, line beginning "equivalent", words: goFinish
Error: Should be: goDone

Page 552

Location: Paragraph beginning "The file":
Error: Should be:

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