Certified Macromedia ColdFusion MX Developer Study Guide

  • ISBN: 0321180585
  • Pages: 426
  • Publisher: Macromedia Press - January 15, 2003

As much as I'd like to be able to produce completely error free books, the reality of the computer publishing industry is that the pace at which books must be written and released makes this very difficult. And regretfully, my own books do have sporadic mistakes and typos scattered throughout them.

For the benefit of my readers, here is a current errata for Certified Macromedia ColdFusion MX Developer Study Guide. Feel free to print this page for future reference.

And as always, if you come across errors that I do not know about, please let me know. I'll make sure they are added to this list, and will try to have them corrected in future reprints.

Page 33

Location: Caution text, "1 to 5" and "1 to 4".
Error: Should be: "0 to 5" and "0 to 4"

Page 40

Location: Tip at top of page, "the TEMPLATE attribute".
Error: Should be: the URL attribute.

Page 44

Location: Table 5.3, RESET attribute.
Error: Default is YES.
Location: Table 5.3, TYPE attribute, second sentance.
Error: This belongs in the FILE attribute.

Page 57

Location: Code example, CFQUERY tag
Error: Missing closing tag.

Page 62

Location: Code block, CFQUERY name attribute
Error: Should be: Users

Page 63

Location: Final bullet item
Error: Should be: IS NULL
Location: Last bullet item.
Error: Should be: IS NULL

Page 73

Location: Line of code in tip at bottom of page.
Error: # is extraneous and should not be present.

Page 74

Location: Code snippet above last tip, middle line.
Error: Extraneous space between # and CountryID

Page 79

Location: Second note, second line, words "the browser collects".
Error: Should be: "ColdFusion collects".

Page 95

Location: Caution
Error: This no longer applies as of CFMX.

Page 112

Location: Note, second line: a,,b
Error: Should have s apace in between the commas: a, ,b

Page 121

Location: First paragraph, text "which places values at the beginning or end of the array".
Error: Should be: "which places values at the end of beginning of the array".

Page 128

Location: Final code snippet, third line from the bottom.
Error: email should be in quotes: "email"

Page 139

Location: First line following first script block: uno
Error: Should be: In Spanish, the number one is 'uno.'

Page 140

Location: Note, send line: is or if
Error: Should be: is or lt

Page 145

Location: Question 3, code snippet.
Error: Hyphens before and after "World" and "Hello" should be removed.

Page 156

Location: Note, text "when one record".
Error: Should be: when one recordset

Page 157

Location: Code snippet at top of page, query name in CFOUTPUT.
Error: Should be: qItemsInStock

Page 160

Location: Second note, words "READ COMMITTED".
Error: Should be: "READ_UNCOMMITTED".

Page 166

Location: Question 4, answer B.
Error: Should be: "REPEATABLE_READ".

Page 175

Location: Question 2, answer A.
Error: Should read "Use it twice and subtract the first reading from the second".

Page 178

Location: Table 21.2, description of variable Error.GeneratedContent.
Error: Word "request's" is repeated, should only appear once.
Location: Table 21.2, second sentence of description of variable Error.HTTPReferer.
Error: Should read "This will be an empty string if there is no referrer".

Page 181

Location: Tip at bottom on page.
Error: The tip only applies to ColdFusion 5 and earlier, it does not apply to ColdFusion MX (ColdFusion MX locates the best match regardless of sequence).

Page 204

Location: Question 3, answer D.
Error: Missing trailing ">
Location: Question 3, answer A.
Error: Missing ATTRIBUTES. prefix.

Page 210

Location: First code snippet, first CFSET tag, GetParentTagVars
Error: Should be: stGetParentTagVars

Page 217

Location: Section "Variable Parameter Lists, 3rd line, text: tab-based
Error: Should be: tag-based

Page 218

Location: Code example at top of page, second line.
Error: Should read: function functionName()

Page 228

Location: First line following the note, text "that they need be".
Error: Should read: "that they need not be".

Page 230

Location: First bullet, text "an invoke".
Error: Should be: and invoke
Location: 2nd to last paragraph: syntax, and methods
Error: Should be: syntax, methods

Page 233

Location: Question 2
Error: 3rd answer should be answer C.

Page 239

Location: Sample question 1, third answer.
Error: Should be "C".

Page 241

Location: First line under "Using Java" heading, opening words.
Error: Should read: "ColdFusion runs on underlying Java technology".

Page 248

Location: Final paragraph, first sentence.
Error: Should read: "The <CFXML> tag creates a new XML Document Object".

Page 250

Location: <CFSET> three lines from bottom of page.
Error: Should read: <CFSET[1].xmlchildren[1].xmltext="Homepage">

Page 260

Location: Bulleted list, 4th bullet.
Error: Should not be part of bulleted list.

Page 263

Location: Using DataGlue section, first line, text "bylooping".
Error: Should be: by looping

Page 290

Location: Paragraph above the Caution, sentence "For example".
Error: Should be: For example, MODE="755" gives rwxr-xr-x permissions (owner=read/write/execute, group=read/execute, other=read/execute).
Location: Final code snippet, FILE attribute.
Error: Should have a fully qualified file path.

Page 291

Location: First code snippet, first line of code.
Error: Missing = after VARIABLE
Location: First code example, 7th line, <CFSAVECONTENT>.
Error: Should be: </CFSAVECONTENT>.

Page 292

Location: Second caution.
Error: This no longer applies as of CFMX.
Location: Final two lines, FILE prefix.
Error: As of CFMX should be: CFFILE

Page 293

Location: 4th bullet, FILE prefix.
Error: Should be: CFFILE
Location: 2nd tip, FILE prefix.
Error: Should be: CFFILE

Page 298

Location: Second code block, sixth line, text "aargs[1]".
Error: Should be: aArgs[1]

Page 345

Location: First note, opening words.
Error: Should read: "Joins are logical entities,".

Page 358

Location: Bulleted list, 4th bullet.
Error: Should read: Unique constraint values may be reused.

Page 397

Location: Chapter 12, answer 2.
Error: Correct answers are "C, D, and E". (B is incorrect).

Page 399

Location: Chapter 16, answer 3.
Error: Incorrect explanation text, should be: As no break statement is used, both lines will be executed.

Page 400

Location: Chapter 20, question 3.
Error: C is also correct as ColdFusion Studio can display web browser pages.

Page 401

Location: Chapter 24, answer 1.
Error: Correct answer is D.

Page 402

Location: Chapter 27, answer 1.
Error: Should be "C and D" (text is correct, answer letters are incorrect).

Page 403

Location: Chapter 28, answer 2, 4th line: CFIMPORT
Error: Should be: CFINVOKE

Page 404

Location: Chapter 33, answer 3.
Error: Should be "A and D" (text is correct, answer letters are incorrect).
Location: Chapter 31, answer to question 3.
Error: A C and E are correct.

Page 405

Location: Chapter 34, answer 2.
Error: Correct answer is C.
Location: Chapter 36, answer 1.
Error: Correct answers are B and C.

Page 407

Location: Chapter 44, question 1.
Error: Correct answer is A (as multiple conditions are being checked, not multiple values).

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