Advanced ColdFusion 4.0 Application Development


This new book is the long awaited (and frequently requested) sequel to my best-selling ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit (now in itÂ’s third edition).

Co-authored by some of the most respected ColdFusion programmers, all of whom have gained their real-world ColdFusion experience the hard way, this book is the only place youÂ’ll find extensive coverage of advanced ColdFusion application development, including the new ColdFusion 4 Enterprise features.

Here's a partial list of what you'll find in this new book: writing scalable applications, implementing fault-tolerance and load-balancing technologies, monitoring and fine-tuning system performance, creating secure applications, deploying server sandbox security, integration with NOS security, writing language extensions in CFML, C/C++, and Delphi, COM, DCOM, and CORBA integration, structured error handling, implementing distributed processing and intelligent agents, scripting and customizing the ColdFusion Studio development environment, sophisticated regular-expressions processing, and much much more!

The accompanying CD contains evaluation versions of ColdFusion 4 Enterprise Edition and ColdFusion Studio 4, and all the code listings from the book. As a special bonus, the CD also contains over 30 third-party add-on tags and utilities that you may use within your ColdFusion applications.

I hope you find this new book to be a valuable ColdFusion resource. And if you are new to ColdFusion, or are looking for a general ColdFusion tutorial or reference book, be sure to check out my other ColdFusion book, ColdFusion 4 Web Application Construction Kit, ISBN 078971809X.

On behalf of myself, the contributing authors, and the publisher, good luck with ColdFusion, and happy coding!

Chapter listing

  • Introduction
  • 1: Monitoring Server Performance
  • 2: Different Ways to Scale
  • 3: Server Clustering Using Bright Tiger
  • 4: Managing Client State
  • 5: Security Options
  • 6: The User Authentication Framework
  • 7: Securing Specific Features and Components
  • 8: Integration with NOS Security
  • 9: Creating Custom Tags
  • 10: Writing CFX Tags in Visual C++
  • 11: Writing CFX Tags in Delphi
  • 12: Extending ColdFusion with COM/DCOM
  • 13: Extending ColdFusion with CORBA
  • 14: Customizing ColdFusion Studio
  • 15: Scripting ColdFusion Studio
  • 16: Using WDDX to Create Distributed Applications
  • 17: Advanced WDDX Integration
  • 18: ColdFusion Scripting
  • 19: Structured Error and Retry Handling
  • 20: Regular Expressions
  • 21: Intelligent Agents and Distributed Processing
  • 22: Interacting with the System Registry
  • Appendix A: ColdFusion Tag Reference
  • Appendix B: ColdFusion Function Reference
  • Appendix C: VTML and WIZML Language Reference
  • Appendix D: The WDDX.DTD File

Books News

  • Nov 4, 2000: Awarded the 2000 ColdFusion Developer's Journal Readers Choice Award for Best ColdFusion book.


An online errata is available for this book. Select the print you have (several books have been reprinted, and different errata are available for each if appropriate):

Downloads and Support

Chapter 17: Advanced WDDX Integration

Chapter 17: Advanced WDDX Integration refers to Visual Basic code that was mistakenly not included on the accompanying CD. The missing files may be downloaded for your convenience:

  • contains all the Visual Basic files needed to complete the examples Chapter 17.

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