Flex + FDS + FMS + Bikes + GPS = Mega Cool Flex App

You've got to check this one out. The Amgen Tour of California kicked off this week, and you can monitor race progress using a Flex app that combines Flex, Flex Data Services, Flash Media Server, and GPS equipped bikes. This is definitely one of the coolest Flex apps I have seen to date, and it was built in 4 weeks! Details in the press release and on Mike Potter's blog post.

Comments (2)

  • Mike Britton

    That's awesome. I hope someone does this for the Tour this year. Imagine tracking individual riders while watching a video stream of the race!!

    Was this done with the Yahoo! Maps API?

    Anyway, thanks for posting it.

  • Allan Padgett

    Thanks for the kudos! I wrote the Tracker and I'm glad folks enjoyed it - um, when it all was working... I'm definitely going to approach the Grand Tours once I get it a bit more polished. Totaly development time was only 4 weeks, so there is plenty to fix. If anyone has more questions or comments, go to and speak up! Allan